Talking Films

Talking Films, a Studio Underground subsidiary, aims to acts as a mirror of the society to the society. Talking Films aims to bring out unique ideas into life and directly to your screens. Our mission is to create and live films which are effectual and fascinating. The in-house team at Talking Films consists of hard-working focused individuals who work together to bring out the best of themselves. Filmmaking is an art and everyone at Talking Films is always striving to work hard towards taking this art to higher levels. The vision is to tell tales in such a way so as to stir emotions in each and every person.


Kapil Khankriyal
The backbone of Talking Films, Kapil is a highly imaginative individual who is not only a compelling storyteller but also an expert in visual communications. With over a decade long experience in the IT Sector, Kapil decided to venture into the mystic world of music and films. His passion and dedication backed by his equally strong technical background make him befitting for any role. Our Executive Producer Kapil is a strong charismatic leader who is bound to sweep you off your feet. A jack of all trades, trust Kapil to turn your thoughts into reality. Give him an idea, he'll give you the product ten folds better. A well-reputed Ghazal singer, Kapil weaves his story as smoothly as he does his soulful Ghazals. He believes in growing together with his team and outweighs quality over quantity.

Dr. Puneet Tyagi
A doctor by profession and a filmmaker by heart; Dr. Puneet is a film fanatic that explains his brilliant film directing capabilities. He always lights up the room and is well-loved by his peers. A poet, writer, and director, Puneet does it all in style. He is always trying to redefine genres and bring change to society through his work.

Manisha Sri
After spending a decade in petroleum science, an IIT post-graduate Manisha Sri decided to follow her childhood dreams of telling untold stories. Over this brief period, Manisha has bagged a lot of opportunities. She has written over 80 stories and around 7 songs fro Big FM and other such famous portals. She is an avid reader. Up till now, 4 books have been authored by her. She is actively involved in writing screenplays and dialogues.


Arjita Dhyani
Arjita is the fourth pillar of Talking Films. A highly inquisitive person, Arjita excels in audio-video production.  A singer, actor, and an audio expert; trust Arjita to get almost everything and anything done. The definition of Boss Babe, she is a go-getter. The person who manages the whole show and keeps up with the crazy circus.

Parikshit Uniyal
A musical genius, Parikshit holds a degree in Russian Piano from the reputed KMMC College, Chennai. He has been a passionate piano player and a music lover from a young age. It is almost as if he can see musical notes all around. Parikshit has vast experience in music production and has worked with big names like Balaji Telefilms for over 2 years.  A shy-natured humble being, Parikshit finds solace in music. From techno to jazz; or desi to hip-hop, count on Parikshit to create magic. Not to scare anyone off but If he could, he would even trade people with music, just saying. A pianist, music producer, and an occasional singer, Parikshit is your go-to person for all musical endeavors.