Our empanelment with the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) is a mark of distinction that sets us apart in the realm of government film productions. NFDC's national-level prestige and recognition further enhance our ability to deliver exceptional visual storytelling solutions.

As an empanelled agency with the Department of Information & Public Relations, Government of Uttarakhand (DIPR), we have cultivated a strong working relationship with government authorities. This partnership allows us to navigate the intricacies of government projects seamlessly.



What sets us apart?

Welcome to Studio Underground – an epitome of cinematic brilliance and live event mastery, where our unwavering expertise meets the highest standards on both national and international fronts. As a trusted film production house, we specialize in crafting films and managing live events with unparalleled precision and finesse, leaving an indelible mark on every occasion.

Studio Underground stands as the go-to partner for crucial projects, exemplified by our role in presenting the state of Uttarakhand to esteemed international delegates during G20 Summits. Our films serve as a powerful medium, encapsulating the essence of the state's progress and achievements while adhering to global standards of excellence.

Our commitment to excellence extends to high-profile visits, including hosting the President of India in Uttarakhand. Through meticulously crafted films, we illuminate the state's development journey, ensuring that each frame aligns with international expectations and standards. Studio Underground takes pride in being the preferred choice for government collaborations, presenting films to the Prime Minister of India, the President of India, and distinguished members of the national cabinet and bureaucracy. Our productions are synonymous with precision, leaving an impactful impression on a national level.

In a remarkable showcase of our capabilities, Studio Underground flawlessly executed the live streaming of the 49th Police Science Congress – a project of immense significance with the participation of India's top IPS officers, bureaucrats, and the Home Minister. Our mastery of live events and streaming ensures that we handle projects of national importance with professionalism and expertise.

Welcome to Studio Underground, where every film is a masterpiece and every live event is an immersive experience. Join us on a journey where cinematic brilliance meets the precision of live events – Where Excellence Takes Center Stage.