What sets us apart?

Expertise and Experience: Our seasoned team of creatives possesses a wealth of expertise in video production, including video-journalism, animation, cinematography, editing, graphics design, and documentary storytelling. We leverage this extensive experience to deliver government projects of the highest quality.

Proven Track Record: We have successfully undertaken and executed numerous government film productions, earning accolades for our professionalism, creativity, and dedication to delivering messages effectively through video and sound.

NFDC Empanelment: Our empanelment with the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) is a mark of distinction that sets us apart in the realm of government film productions. NFDC's national-level prestige and recognition further enhance our ability to deliver exceptional visual storytelling solutions.

 DIPR Uttarakhand Empanelment : As an empanelled agency with the Department of Information & Public Relations, Government of Uttarakhand (DIPR), we have cultivated a strong working relationship with government authorities. This partnership allows us to navigate the intricacies of government projects seamlessly.


Video Spot

When it comes to telling a story we know exactly what can make an impact. Our clients trust us because we work closely with them from the conceptualization of a project to understand their specific needs and objectives for making their videos. Our scriptwriters and storyboard artists put in a lot of work before filming to ensure that when we film we capture the essence of our story and engage our client’s audiences in a compelling way.

Jingle/ Theme Spot

Talk about this portfolio piece--who you did it for and why, plus what the results were (potential customers love to hear about real-world results). Discuss any unique facets of the project--was it accomplished under an impossible deadline?--and show how your business went above and beyond to make the impossible happen.